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Visiting Australia, often referred to as the world’s largest island, is an incredible and inspiring experience. A visit here can be simple or sophisticated, understated or indulgent, long or short – it is whatever you desire. With our reputation for integrity and commitment to excellence, we take great pride in our ability to weave authentic experiences, local personalities and expert knowledge into bespoke travel itineraries.


Using the services of our dedicated and knowledgeable team could be likened to having your own personal travel concierge, offering a level of expertise expected by those seeking something special. The following pages gives you a glimpse of what awaits you, in a country so diverse and dynamic that it takes your breath away. Allow us to help you plan your journey, working with you to deliver and experience tailored uniquely to you. One which you will never forget.

Exclusive Features

The Ultimate Dinner Party

Explore natures greatest outdoor pantry on an epicurian journey through New Zealand.

Platinum HeliSki Packages 2015

Platinum HeliSki Packages 2015

Our unique and exclusive Platinum Heliski packages offer a complete mind blowing solution for the Heliski enthusiast.

When time is precious, making the most of every minute is essential. The Exclusive Travel Group has used its considerable resources to bring you its ‘Big, Short Breaks’.